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Our Story

We are a first generation Portuguese and Brazilian, family-owned restaurant that prides itself on the experience as well as our fresh and authentic food. Our family is heavily influenced by both countries and we are doing our best to give every guest a taste of both cultures.

When you dine here, we want you to feel like you are a part of our family. In both Portugal and Brazil, sitting down to a meal is more than just time spent eating. It's the little moments in life that we get to spend with our family and friends that make life so special. Food will always have the ability to bring people together and we are pleased to be able to share our recipes passed down to us from both sides of our family. 


Started in 1979 by our father Alfredo Pedro (left), Ipanema is the product of 40 years of passion and dedication to providing the best hospitality experience possible. 

In it's earliest days, the kitchen at Ipanema (then under the name 'Brazilian Coffee') was run by our grandmother until our first executive chef Ernesto Saude began his 25 year career with us. In the dining room our father floated from table to table conveying lighthearted but solid pride in his new restaurant. It was through our food, and these connections made at each table, that  we are lucky to still be sharing meals with some of the same clients that have been visiting us for over 30 years.

Our Food

The name 'Ipanema', of course, can't help but suggest the girl of the famous song, floating along the beach on an airy cushion of bossa nova rhythms. But make no mistake, the food at Ipanema is hefty, rib-sticking fare, just as good for a cold, rainy night in New York City as for a sunny afternoon by the surf. 

While the name also refers to the famous beach in Rio De Janeiro, our menu is firmly rooted in the culinary crossover between both Brazil and Portugal. Ipanema’s menu combines the timeless history of Portuguese recipes with the zest and vibrancy of Brazilian cuisine, resulting in a one-of-a-kind dining experience.

We provide classics dishes such as Feijoada (right), Picanha and Vatapá, Coxinhas & Moqueca using only the freshest ingredients sourced locally and from our home countries of Portugal and Brazil.

Our People

At Ipanema our staff is a direct extension of our family. Our original chef and manager both spent over 25 years with us and to this day we have several staff members that have eclipsed ten years of service.

Whether it has been at birthdays, weddings, holiday parties or just a lunch, we are lucky to work with amazing people that make every day special. It's the familiar friendly faces that our guests see every day that give the warm touch of hospitality which compliments our food perfectly.